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Smart tech Pvt Ltd, one of the pioneering in importing and indenting companies has started an exciting journey since the emergence in 2007. We believe in attaining utmost happiness around our 700 customers. We love to drive a knowledge based journey among our valuable clients. Currently we are bridging latest technology chain from Italy, Germany, China, Korea etc. Our continuous and untiring endeavors unveil an exciting happy network that can act as a facilitator to increase factory productivity, quality, reducing machine downtime etc. Our excellent sales-servicing team work drives our customers to feel a logical dream. We can make your dream successful. Our cordial appeal to all of our valuable clients is to stay with us. Your active participation would help us a lot to acquire knowledge on demand. We will continue to invest our utmost effort and dedication to put the right technology in right time. We love stay in an efficient environment……. We welcome you to our world of quality services & world renowned machineries and innovative technologies. We are highly expecting your continued patronage onward.

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Hotline: +8801730034839


Equipped with a completely new 7” coloured touch screen panel, which is now totally user-friendly (the easiest-to-use ever made), new presser foot, new loop aligner system, new electronic and new software fully in-house developed by Vi.Be.Mac.

Electronics Features
• New 7" Colored Super fast touch screen panel;
• New CPU assures a much better software management, a better seam quality, easier adjustments and patterns, more precision, more customizable and more fashion options;
• Updates through USB or Internet (remote control);
• Preview of new patterns visible on the screen;
• Error History Reporting;
• Possibility to work without the touch Screen Panel in case of breakdown;
• Auto-diagnostic system to avoid errors;
• Control KEY to allow the machine manager ONLY to change the unit parameters (operator will not be able to sabot/change anything);

Mechanical Improvements
• New 400W motors for the X & Y movements;
• New presser foot with extra pressure and less flexure, besides lower barycenter;
• Counter-weight device to counterbalance the presser foot thrust and keep it always the right position - Less usury of X&Y carriage;
• New thread wiper to facilitate the needle threading;
• New LOOP ALIGNER SYSTEM to avoid the loop mispositioning on the fabric, especially for the folded tails (now always aligned);

Technical Specification:
Sewing Head: Vi.Be.Mac.
Max Speed: 2.800rpm
No. of stitches: 1 to 999 (programmable)
Needle gauge: 20 to 80 mm
Loop width: 8 to 25 mm (optional 30 mm)
Finished Loop: 32 to 85 mm
Sewing area: 15 x 28 mm
New Loop Aligner
New Presser Foot
New Touch Screen Panel
New Software
4650 EV9R : Automatic Belt Loop Setter

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