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Equipped with a completely new 7” coloured touch screen panel, which is now totally user-friendly (the easiest-to-use ever made), new presser foot, new loop aligner system, new electronic and new software fully in-house developed by Vi.Be.Mac.

Electronics Features
• New 7" Colored Super fast touch screen panel;
• New CPU assures a much better software management, a better seam quality, easier adjustments and patterns, more precision, more customizable and more fashion options;
• Updates through USB or Internet (remote control);
• Preview of new patterns visible on the screen;
• Error History Reporting;
• Possibility to work without the touch Screen Panel in case of breakdown;
• Auto-diagnostic system to avoid errors;
• Control KEY to allow the machine manager ONLY to change the unit parameters (operator will not be able to sabot/change anything);

Mechanical Improvements
• New 400W motors for the X & Y movements;
• New presser foot with extra pressure and less flexure, besides lower barycenter;
• Counter-weight device to counterbalance the presser foot thrust and keep it always the right position - Less usury of X&Y carriage;
• New thread wiper to facilitate the needle threading;
• New LOOP ALIGNER SYSTEM to avoid the loop mispositioning on the fabric, especially for the folded tails (now always aligned);

Technical Specification:
Sewing Head: Vi.Be.Mac.
Max Speed: 2.800rpm
No. of stitches: 1 to 999 (programmable)
Needle gauge: 20 to 80 mm
Loop width: 8 to 25 mm (optional 30 mm)
Finished Loop: 32 to 85 mm
Sewing area: 15 x 28 mm
New Loop Aligner
New Presser Foot
New Touch Screen Panel
New Software
4650 EV9R : Automatic Belt Loop Setter

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