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Smart tech Pvt Ltd, one of the pioneering in importing and indenting companies has started an exciting journey since the emergence in 2007. We believe in attaining utmost happiness around our 700 customers. We love to drive a knowledge based journey among our valuable clients. Currently we are bridging latest technology chain from Italy, Germany, China, Korea etc. Our continuous and untiring endeavors unveil an exciting happy network that can act as a facilitator to increase factory productivity, quality, reducing machine downtime etc. Our excellent sales-servicing team work drives our customers to feel a logical dream. We can make your dream successful. Our cordial appeal to all of our valuable clients is to stay with us. Your active participation would help us a lot to acquire knowledge on demand. We will continue to invest our utmost effort and dedication to put the right technology in right time. We love stay in an efficient environment……. We welcome you to our world of quality services & world renowned machineries and innovative technologies. We are highly expecting your continued patronage onward.

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The Automatic Pocket Hemmer

The automatic pocket hemmer V700 is a double needle chainstitch hemming unit (CS) that can be modified to perform a single needle lockstitch (1LS). This unit resolves many problems with quality and production in the first cycle in jeans production, precisely, posterior pocket hemming.
The latest modern technical solutions that are applied in this outstanding unit improve its performace, increase flexibility and achieve the high quality of stitching.


Together with the obvious benefits in production, the V700 CS (or LS if modified to perform a single needle lockstitich) offers flexibility of working on any kind of fabric (from stretch to polyester to nylon to a thicker denim fabric) and the possibility to attach the pockets of any size without changing the settings on the machine. You should keep in mind that the quality of stitching on hemmed pockets should not be taken for granted.
Equipped with the Mitsubishi head, V701 unit is a strong, stable and precise machine with a wide range of needle gauges applicable. The unwanted wave or arching effect on the pockets will no longer be your problem thanks to the innovative pneumatic transportation system: the transportation belt can adjust to any kind of fabric and its bender mechanism is capable to satisfy every fashion request.
The stitching length can be easily modified on the control panel. The new mechanic system makes it possible to remove the entire transportation mechanism for a better and easier maintenance.
At the end of transportation belt, the automatic unloader stacks the hemmed pockets on the storage disk. When buying the second storage disk (optional) you can work without stopping with a free disk, while bringing the full disk to the production section. V700 can be used in two modes: for mass production the worker constantly loads the machine and supports more production lines; for lower levels of production, the operator can work simultaneously with the pocket design unit 1010V4DCS or DLS. The same worker pursue the hemming procedure, then design/embroidery, achieving single-handedly incredible results in production.

Technical Specifications

Sewing Head: Vi.Be.Mac. 2 needle chain stitch or 1 needle lock stitch (LS Version)
Sewing Speed: 3600rpm (chain stitch), 2600rpm (Lock stitch)
Stitch Length: from 0,9 to 5 mm
Standard Needle Gauges: 1/4” (6,4 mm)
Optional Needle Gauges: 9/32” (7,2 mm) 3/8” (9,6 mm) - 1/2” (12,7 mm)
Productivity: 2000 pockets x hour
Power Supply: 220 V Monophase 50/60 Hz
Sewing Machine Motor: XCG 554220Y
Control Box: XCGM FY2005

The machine is equipped with:

- Air Compressed Economizer - opens and closes only when chain cutter is activated – lower consumption
- Pneumatic traction control on the feeding belt - Rotating store disk (up to 600 pockets)
- Stacker
- Thread breakage sensor
- Patented automatic thread trimmer NEW - Adjustable folder NEW
- One leg adjustable stand NEW
- Quick & easy change of the folder NEW
- Second storage disk: the V700 can keep on working as a full disk of pockets can be replaced in 5 seconds with an empty one
- Manual label insertion device

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