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Overlock Unit

Technical Features

This unit is equipped with a very fast sewing head (6000 rpm) that is custom made by Yamato (Japan), and the original Vi.Be.Mac. puller system that improve considerably the quality of finished garment by sewing flawlessly two quarters of fabric parts, without the twisted leg effect! Thanks to the developed puller system there is no need for an additional skilled operator in order to pull through the quarter parts of trousers and to match them perfectly. The ergonomic stand of the unit can be adjusted in height and closed inside for an easier maintenance and cleaning.

Technical Specifications

Max Sewing Speed: 6000 rpm
Stitching Length: from 2 to 5 mm
Spi: 5-13
Sewing Machine Motor: XCG 554 20Y
Power Requirement: 220 V Single-Phase 50/60 Hz
Control Box: XCG MFY 2005
CG 90 Y

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