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Bottom hemming Unit

This cylindric arm single (lock or chain stitch) needle unit can stitch from inside or outside by changing the kind of folder. Thanks to the stepping motor there is no need tochange the gears in order to adjust the stitch length and reset the unit. Also, a large rotary hook together with the special needle feed transport system with double roller (puller) permits to hem perfectly pants, jeans and jackets in any fabric.

Technical Features
Vi.Be.Mac. is proud to present a new unit, entirely designed and manufactured in its own factory- the 3022 BHE (C = chain / L = lock). This unit represents Vi.Be.Mac.’s solution to the problems with trousers hemline: accurate, productive and flexibile that are the hallmarks of all Vi.Be.Mac. products.
The sewing head design allows to convert the machine from lock stitch to chain stitch and vice versa, in case of changing style. You don't need to buy a new machine. WIth some additional parts and a couple hours of adjusting and you are ready to create a new style. It is possible to work inside in or inside out by replacing the folder to the required size: the standard folder is from 9 to 30 mm wide, while some special folders that are sold separately can reach up to 42 mm in width.
The stitching length is set electronically, hence, it is faster and easier to adjust the unit. The puller system, a Vi.Be.Mac.'s invention, is composed of a lower roller feeder with an extremely powerful, patented upper puller that easily handles more delicate operations, such as crossovers or lap felling, especially with heavy fabrics. Completing the picture is a kingsize rotating hook that saves time on changing the bobin and the smallest cylinder arm in the market that makes it easy to work with kids and ladies garments.

The machine is equipped with:
- Safety chain condensed stitch (from January 2011 in the model 3022BHE-C)
- Easy change from light to heavy fabric without adjusting mechanical/electronic settings;
- Thread-cutting system handled by the XCG MFT2005 panel;
- Special puller system: lower roller feeder with an extremely powerful, patented upper puller for such delicate operations as crossovers or lap felling, especially with heavy fabrics;
- Special innovative hemming device that can sew the hem on the front (reverse side stitching device can be acquired separately) - Hem width between 9-30 mm (standard folder)
- Pneumatic system for the toggle-joint opening of the guide available in manual or automatic modes, with a simultaneous foot lifting
- Pneumatic foot lift, semi-dry lubrication system, independent electrical spool winding - Kingsize rotating hook to save time on bobin change and increase production rate
- Extra small cylinder for kid and women sizes
- Change of stitching length in less then one minute
- MITSUBISHI XLG 55420Y motor with XCGMFT2005 control panel

Technical Specifications
Max Sewing Speed: 4000 rpm BHE C / 3500 rpm BHE L
Standard Stitch Length: from 0,9 to 9 mm
Hem Width: from 9 to 42 mm
Sewing Machine Motor: XCG 55420Y
Power Requirement: 220 V Single-Phase 50/60 Hz
Sewing Head: Vi.Be.Mac.
Control Box: XCG MFY 2005
3022 BHE

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