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Smart tech Pvt Ltd, one of the pioneering in importing and indenting companies has started an exciting journey since the emergence in 2007. We believe in attaining utmost happiness around our 700 customers. We love to drive a knowledge based journey among our valuable clients. Currently we are bridging latest technology chain from Italy, Germany, China, Korea etc. Our continuous and untiring endeavors unveil an exciting happy network that can act as a facilitator to increase factory productivity, quality, reducing machine downtime etc. Our excellent sales-servicing team work drives our customers to feel a logical dream. We can make your dream successful. Our cordial appeal to all of our valuable clients is to stay with us. Your active participation would help us a lot to acquire knowledge on demand. We will continue to invest our utmost effort and dedication to put the right technology in right time. We love stay in an efficient environment……. We welcome you to our world of quality services & world renowned machineries and innovative technologies. We are highly expecting your continued patronage onward.

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Automatic Pocket Setter (double color)

The automatic pocket setter 2516V2, born in 1992, is a novelty on the market and since than none other sewing machine producer, except Vi.Be.Mac., has managed to satisfy the customers’ requirements for a change of style, fashion and production. A short delay in launching its own pocket setter gave Vi.Be.Mac. the chance to develop the unit that is able to offer altogether: flexibility, high productivity, easy exploitation and low running costs.
One of the keystone characteristics of all Vi.Be.Mac.pocket setters are low running costs of the unit. The pocket moulds can be produced locally by the official dealers or directly at our customers factories. The innovative characteristics together with the exclusive loader-stacker system guarantees the incredible levels of productivity and quality.
Also, the successful collaboration with Mitsubishi (Japan) has resulted in another excellent machine: Vi.Be.Mac. presents a new double colour pocket setter, 2516V4 DCT, developed in order to satisfy the fashion needs of all the top world buyers.

Technical Features

The 2516V4 DCT equipped with the Mitsubishi PLK-G head with double needle lock stitch, shuttle hook and thread trimmer. It applies any kind of pre-pressed patch pockets on jeans and casual trousers, army-pants and work wear.
The first double colour pocket setter worldwide created by Vi.Be.Mac. is able to sew with 2 threads in different colours in one sewing cycle. Also, this unti performs a variety of operations: apply pockets of any shape (round, square, with zip, asymmetric pockets), to apply labels, to make darts and pleats, flaps, labels, to embroider back pockets and patch cargo pockets. The patented loader-unloader system gives a full choice of pocket designs.The cost of moulds is the cheapest worldwide since they can be produced locally, otherwise, Vi.Be.Mac. will make it within 7 days. Thanks to the user friendly touch screen panel it is extremely easy to create any kind of pattern desired. By simply acquiring another PC software, it is possible to create your own design. Otherwise, you can always send a scatch to our pocket design department and have it ready within 24 hours, than download it on a flash memory stick and upload it onto the unit.

Technical Specifications:

Sewing Head: Mistubishi PLK-G30 MAXI Vi.Be.Mac.
Max Sewing Area: 305 X 250 mm
Max Clamp Sewing Area: 250 X 247 mm (standard settings)
Stitching Length: from 0,1 to 20 mm (0,1mm Step)
Control Box: Mitsubishi PLKGCU20
Sewing Machine Motor: Ac Servomotor Mitsubishi 750w (Direct Drive System)
Max Sewing Speed: 2800 rpm (single needle version), 2500 rpm (double needle version)
Time Required To Change Moulds (V100+2516V4): 5 min
Easy Design Program
Application difficulty: light to medium, medium to heavy, stretch
Pattern Data Storage: 512 patterns in the internal memory + Usb Flash memory stick
Unit Counter: up / down system (0-9,999)
Power Supply: 220 V 50/60 Hz

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