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Automatic decorative back pocket/labels unit

The whole range of 1010V4 (double color) and 1010V4M (single color) series is an example of our vision for jeans technology. Vi.Be.Mac. R&D department presents to the market a new unit with enormous advantages in terms of productivity. Being equipped with an automatic loader-unloader system that increases productivity by 25 %, this unit allows even an unqualified operator to manage three machines simultaneously. Apart from embroidering the pocket, this 1010V4 DCT can stitch pockets in a single or double color, apply labels, patches and velcro®, stitch flaps and make darts and pleats. Thanks to its double colour technology the newly introduced 1010V4 gives an undeniable advantage in terms of flexibility, productivity and quality of production, while keeping the running costs low.

Technical Features
The 1010V4 is equipped with the Mitsubishi direct drive motor PLK-G, with 2 needle lockstitch (V4 model)/1 needle lockstitch (V4M model), shuttle hook and thread trimmer. The machine is available in various versions and each of them is modular, which means that by simply purchasing the necessary parts it can be modified and perform according to customer's needs. The first double colour sewing system patented worldwide (i.e. DCT - Double ColorTechnology) allows to sew with 2 threads in different colours / thickness in one sewing cycle. Thanks to its split needle bars it is possible to switch automatically from one needle to another and, therefore, change the sewing pattern. Moreover, it is easy to create any kind of pattern desired thanks the user-friendly touch screen panel. If you acquire an additional PC software you can create your own designs. Otherwise, you can always send a sketch to our pocket design department and have it ready in 48 hours, download it on a flash memory stick and upload it onto the machine! Given its special patented frame, you can embroider in a wide variety of styles that are present on the market, while maintaining high performance levels. This unique Double Colour Technology make the 1010V4 series the most advanced and flexible back pocket embroidery station that is able to satisfy every fashion request.

Technical Specifications
Sewing Head: Mistubishi PLK-G10 MAXI Vi.Be.Mac.
Max Sewing Area: 258 X 158 mm
Max Clamp Sewing Area: 245 X 145 mm (standard settings)
Stitching Length: from 0,1 to 20 mm (0,1 mm Step)
Control Box: Mitsubishi PLKGCU20
Sewing Machine Motor: Ac Servomotor Mitsubishi 750w (Direct Drive System)
Max Sewing Speed: 2800 rpm (single single color), 2500 rpm (double color)
Time Required To Change Moulds: 3 min
Average Time for Pocket Embroidery : 6 secs
Average application Time (Load-Sew-Unload): label -12 sec, velcro-10 sec
Easy Design Program and Application difficulty: light to medium, medium to heavy
Pattern Data Storage: 512 patterns in the internal memory + Usb memory stick
Machine Counter: up / down system (0-9,999) Power Supply: 220 V 50/60 HzListed below are all the available versions of the 1010 V4 DCT:
- 1010 V4 L - a programmable unit for label, Velcro® application and pence pocket
- 1010 V4 DLC - a programmable unit with loader for pocket embroidery, label, Velcro® and pence pocket application device
- 1010 V4 DCS programmable unit with loader and stacker for pocket embroidery
-1010 V4 DSP programmable unit special made for stitching flaps
1010V4 DCS

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