Triveneta for Curing Oven & Dryer

Triveneta for Curing Oven & Dryer

Industrial Dryers: a future of infinite possibilities

The Green Up  Line uses a sophisticated exhaust air heat recovery system to heat the incoming air. This mechanism, combined with infrared drying, makes it possible to reduce consumption, waste, processing times and management costs with certified and cutting-edge machine Green Up is easy to position and has been designed to facilitate work and handling maneuvers inside industrial dyeing plants all over the 50 years , we have been designing, manufacturing and marketing dryers for the fashion industry . Some things are always the same: quality , the desire to distinguish ourselves, the desire to grow . Others, however, are constantly changing: technologies, software, skills

We offer three models of movement systems: shuttle for garments loading, unloading belt to lead the garments to the collection point, moving conveyor from the washing
machines to the dryers. The three movement systems optimize both the times and the works of the operators, automating the laundry

The sampling dryers are provided with the same devices of the bigger dryers, in order to get the same result from the laboratory to the production.


For productions without borders.

  • Load up to 550 kg.

  • Steam, gas or diathermic oil heating.

  • Tilting solution.

  • With Trolley Tilter for automatic loading.

A model, for  huge loads: D800.


High Temperature

Dyeing and drying: together, at high temperatures, to reduce times and consumption.

  • Internal temperature up to 150 ° C.

  • Programmable heat peak for cold dyeing.

  • Teflon coating to eliminate any pigment residue.

  • Times reduction and costs’ break down.

Different models for different load capacities: D50HT, D125HT, D165HT.


To optimize spaces and automate work phases.

  • Double front and back doors.
  • Automation of loading / unloading phases.
  • More flexibility in the management of spaces.
  • Greater simplicity in moving garments.

Different models for different load capacities:
DP125, DP165, DP290, DP380, DP470.